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– Objectives

  • To determine how forensic practitioners should present their methods and results in court so as to maximise legal-decision makers’ understanding of likelihood ratios and of validation.

– Background

  • Most of the existing research has tested various types of conclusions currently used by forensic practitioners while being agnostic with respect to the logical correctness of those conclusions. In contrast, we begin with the premise that the logically correct way for a forensic practitioner to evaluate strength of evidence is using the likelihood-ratio framework, hence the objective of the proposed research is not to assess how well likelihood ratios are understood relative to other types of conclusions, but what is the best way to convey the meaning of likelihood ratios.

– Methodology

  • TBA

Project Team

Laboratory members:

– Geoffrey Stewart Morrison


Kristy A Martire

  • Associate Professor & Director of the Master of Psychology (Forensic) Program, University of New South Wales

Agnes S Bali

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Psycology, University of New South Wales

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